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in it to win!

April 1st, 2009

(no subject) @ 08:15 am

Well, I smoked pot last night. That was GREAT. I think I need to be home when i'm smoking pot, or just with Tatiana or something so I don't trip bawlz. Now I feel good today.

But I forgot to call back Mollie and Ashley and I gorged myself with Chinese food... So, I hate myself as much as you hate me!

As far as the rest of my goals are concerned, they have been going pretty nicely. Even on my trip in AZ, we ate pretty fresh homemade meals, or else got something light and fresh! We did a lot of walking, I finally got a decent bike lock, and we got to see Andrew Jackson Jihad (they played every song I called out for them to play...and they are hot as fuck: HDIFs). I also made a Hank Hill tee shirt, bleached part of my hair, and am currently going through a rather large Joy Division phase. Don't judge me for that, I don't judge you!

Love you guys,
BBG Shawna

March 26th, 2009

bad BBG @ 11:39 pm

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hi girls.
i miss you all like WHOA. the last week of my life has been crazy. way too much alcohol. it's ok though because this is the last week of my life as i now know it. i start school monday. my schedule will be 8am-9:30pm mon-thur, off fridays and sundays and at the school from 9-5pm on saturdays. i mean, it really could be worse. it's actually going to be great. i cant wait to do all your guys' hair (a long time coming). tach and i can tag team it up.

i did have soda. once. it was gross and i hated it and i'm not gonna do it again. i'm still doing good on the vending machine snacks and cigarrettes. this is kind of just making me realize how terrible i eat in general. like, i act like i can do whatever i want when i want to and that goes with what i put into my body. i don't think i'm going to drop a ton of weight or anything. i'm just hoping this will teach me some self discipline.

i'm taking hip hop again tomorrow. i'm pretty excited. with i could have all my BBGs there grapevinin' and raisin' the roofon my left and right. one day. one day soon.

how's everyone else's commitments!
again, miss my BBGs.

March 17th, 2009

YOTBBGS @ 01:38 am

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So, past few days I've had some pizza, a cheeseburger (neither fast foody), and slipped a bit on the soda. But, I have amazingly cut back on smoking cigarettes, significantly on weed, DEFINITELY cut back on the drinking, incorporated the gym and sauna into my life a lot more, and have been eating pretty healthy/moderately. And I feel so much better..a lot more clear headed, so much energy, and a fatter wallet. I'm trying to work on the small stuff that usually frustrates me, like when I'm in a rush and can't find my shoes, or my clothes are all disorganized and all over the place. I've only been living here for like 3 months and it shouldn't be so messy.

Not until today did I realize how truly ADD I am, trying to work on that. I starting reading the Alchemist, and trying to write more (ha) so that I can work on my spelling and grammar. I'm getting my moms fixy Bianchi (ya I know), so that will help with gas. I'm trying to find an artistic outlet or something, like drums or maybe crafts..I need hobbies. In fact, we've all been broadening our horizons and going out more to shows/bars, whatever, and it's awesome!

I have a job interview in Oakland tomorrow, and if I get the job, and have a set schedule by summer semester, I'm trying to enroll part time. Soooooo girls I am trying to upgrade my life! This is all real intense so I'll need you're guys' support. I'm so excited for the wedding, and the SFIEC t.v. show, mollie coming back in 9 months, the possibility of us all living together/in the same city, Blink 182 getting back together...THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE BBG's! We all have so much going for us, and so much to look forward to.

March 16th, 2009

Day 7 @ 09:37 pm

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Hey girls hey.
So I definitely smoked three cigarettes on Saturday night. They tasted pretttttty awesome. I promised myself before I smoked one that I would not feel bad about it, just start over the next day and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I, however, have not had any soda! I feel really good about that. I also haven't gone to perezhilton.com which feels GREAT. I'd like to substitute that for a really awesome informative news website. Any suggestions?? Hopefully I can drop a couple pounds not only for Gill and Jeff's (btw I'm starting to miss Jeff!) but because they are shooting a reality tv series pilot at my beauty school!!!!! Crazyyyy shit. I drank so much this weekend. That really does need to be cut down but I really don't see that happening. And BTW: The rule about no drinking M-TH, in my case anyways, has been changed. I'm gonna drink M-TH, just try not to get super smashed on those nights. I don't know. My drinking is so social that when something awesome comes up, I'm always game. Welcome to being 22 I guess.

OK BBGs, love ya

March 15th, 2009

(no subject) @ 01:25 pm

Alright ladies, I need your advice STAT!

So I'm hella sick, and my mom just came over to make me soup, bring me meds and she brought me a 12 pack of 7UP!! Last time I checked, that's soda. However, it really will help settle my tummy, but I don't wanna break the pact. What do I do!

yours truly,
BBG Shawna E

March 10th, 2009

Day 1: Alright ladies, this is it. @ 10:10 pm

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"As a BBG, I reserve the right to hold my fellow BBGs accountable for adding these healthier lifestyle choices our daily lives and will offer support whenever a fellow BBG is in need, no matter the hour." 3/9/09

Basically, we got a wedding to go into in t-minus 81 days (yeah, I have a countdown on my iPhone, as well as a newly added livejournal app so I can be on this alllllll the time) and we are gonna be taken HELLA photos. However, the list of commitments that each of us has made will not only encourage squeezing into a halter dress, it will encourage improvement in our lives and future.

We have each made a minimum of 5 life changing commitments and some of us more. We can obviously add/edit goals at any time! Lemme break em down for ya:

1. No soda/fast food.
2. No meat, no dairy.
3. Work out 6 hours a week.
4. Get, and then ride, a bike.
5. Contain smoking (both weed and tobacco).
6. Trim hair only as needed.
7. Work on creativity.

1. No cigarrettes.
2. No drinking M-TH (which I am gonna have to edit because I had a glass of wine tonight and am supposed to grab a beer tomorrow.)
3. No fast food.
4. No soda.
5. No vending machine snacks (which some of you may know is really hard considering I'm the Vending Machine Lady at the beauty school.)
6. Brush my teeth and wash my face before bed. I'm 5.
7. NO Perez Hilton.
8. Get out and do new shit and walk around and MOVE.

And...we got Shawna:
1. No drinking M-TH.
2. No fast food/soda.
3. Ride bike to school everyday.
4. More fruits/veggies. Make soup for the week, every week.
5. Focus more on school.

1. No soda/fast food, especially BK.
2. No meat.
3. Grocery shopping only at Trader Joe's.
4. No food from Starbucks. Will only drink iced coffees/iced soy lattes.
5. Take a long walk once a week.

And the bride! Gill:
1. No fast food.
2. No soda.
3. No cigarettes.
4. M-TH will only drink on days that she went to the gym.
5. Will work on one wedding thing per week.

Good goals ladies! We all agreed on the no soda/no fast food rule and seriously, this will make a huge difference. So does walking. That brings me to my day!

I had a great day. No soda, no snacks from VM, AND I walked up to Coit Tower which was like some of the best exercise I've had in awhile. I would have done my yoga stretches but I got home too late. I DID have a glass of wine with dinner at my friend Ali's house but it kind of would have been rude of me not to. That is definitely going to be hardest commitment, the no drinking M-TH. I honestly don't know if I can do it. I really won't have a hard time with the others. Like cigarrettes! Today is my 15th day of no smokes. See, I didn't smoke like everyday on my lunch breaks and shit. I only smoked heavily when I was drinking heavily and that was alll happening way too heavily (what an apprope word). So yeah, like two days after my surgery, I went to smoke a cigarrette and someone was like "Uhhh didn't you just get dental implant surgery?" And I was like "Oh shit yeah man!" And was not about to put that shit near an open wound in my mouth. So I just stopped. I may have slipped one time like over a week ago when I got trashed but it's ok. I'm doin' real good.

So this is gonna be great and the wedding is gonna be like the funnest event of 2009 so let's do it to it ladiesssssssssssssssssssssss.


(no subject) @ 10:20 pm


Well today was a rough one and it started out all wrong! I woke up, realized I didn't have a bike lock AND drank a beer for breakfast. The good news is: tomorrow is another day.

My Goals:
1. Ride bike to school everyday
2. no more soda/ fast food
3. No heavy drinking on school nights
4. Focus more on school work

I'm still working on a 5th. But today, all I ate was a veggie sandwich and some baby carrots. But then I went grocery shopping at Trader Joes and stocked up on about a months worth of groceries all under $35! So needless to say, I had a late night dinner of black beans, avocado and diced tomatoes. (Heads up, the sourdough wheat bread is delish, cheap, and 99% fat free!)

I think it should be totally acceptable to have a glass or two of wine on school nights, just save the smasher nights for weekends. What do you guys think? Because sometimes, there ain't nothin like a nice glass of wine after a long day of school and work.

Well, Rock Of Love Tour Bus is on, and I think I just decided my 5th goal...no more crap TV!

Love Always,
BBG Shawna E

grocery list @ 07:53 pm

Well, I went to TJ's after community college and was scrambling my brain trying to buy shit that would last me a while and be filling/healthy so I thought i'd share it with you all!

sliced havarti (the most expensive thing i bought)
frozen penne pepperonata
roma tomatoes
romane hearts
red onions
sourdough wheat bread
fresh &spicey guac
grilled veg black bean burrits
organic black bean vegan soup

all for $22!
Except I forgot chips for my guac...anyways thats about as exciting as it gets!

we got some fans! @ 07:46 pm

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Skinny bitches! @ 04:13 pm

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Testin this shit out!


in it to win!