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in it to win!

March 17th, 2009

YOTBBGS @ 01:38 am

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So, past few days I've had some pizza, a cheeseburger (neither fast foody), and slipped a bit on the soda. But, I have amazingly cut back on smoking cigarettes, significantly on weed, DEFINITELY cut back on the drinking, incorporated the gym and sauna into my life a lot more, and have been eating pretty healthy/moderately. And I feel so much better..a lot more clear headed, so much energy, and a fatter wallet. I'm trying to work on the small stuff that usually frustrates me, like when I'm in a rush and can't find my shoes, or my clothes are all disorganized and all over the place. I've only been living here for like 3 months and it shouldn't be so messy.

Not until today did I realize how truly ADD I am, trying to work on that. I starting reading the Alchemist, and trying to write more (ha) so that I can work on my spelling and grammar. I'm getting my moms fixy Bianchi (ya I know), so that will help with gas. I'm trying to find an artistic outlet or something, like drums or maybe crafts..I need hobbies. In fact, we've all been broadening our horizons and going out more to shows/bars, whatever, and it's awesome!

I have a job interview in Oakland tomorrow, and if I get the job, and have a set schedule by summer semester, I'm trying to enroll part time. Soooooo girls I am trying to upgrade my life! This is all real intense so I'll need you're guys' support. I'm so excited for the wedding, and the SFIEC t.v. show, mollie coming back in 9 months, the possibility of us all living together/in the same city, Blink 182 getting back together...THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE BBG's! We all have so much going for us, and so much to look forward to.
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Date:March 19th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
amen sister.


in it to win!