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in it to win!

March 26th, 2009

bad BBG @ 11:39 pm

Current Location: my awesome new chair.
Current Music: Shawdow of the Day-Linkin Park (yup, you and i both which i was kidding.)

hi girls.
i miss you all like WHOA. the last week of my life has been crazy. way too much alcohol. it's ok though because this is the last week of my life as i now know it. i start school monday. my schedule will be 8am-9:30pm mon-thur, off fridays and sundays and at the school from 9-5pm on saturdays. i mean, it really could be worse. it's actually going to be great. i cant wait to do all your guys' hair (a long time coming). tach and i can tag team it up.

i did have soda. once. it was gross and i hated it and i'm not gonna do it again. i'm still doing good on the vending machine snacks and cigarrettes. this is kind of just making me realize how terrible i eat in general. like, i act like i can do whatever i want when i want to and that goes with what i put into my body. i don't think i'm going to drop a ton of weight or anything. i'm just hoping this will teach me some self discipline.

i'm taking hip hop again tomorrow. i'm pretty excited. with i could have all my BBGs there grapevinin' and raisin' the roofon my left and right. one day. one day soon.

how's everyone else's commitments!
again, miss my BBGs.
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in it to win!