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in it to win!

April 1st, 2009

(no subject) @ 08:15 am

Well, I smoked pot last night. That was GREAT. I think I need to be home when i'm smoking pot, or just with Tatiana or something so I don't trip bawlz. Now I feel good today.

But I forgot to call back Mollie and Ashley and I gorged myself with Chinese food... So, I hate myself as much as you hate me!

As far as the rest of my goals are concerned, they have been going pretty nicely. Even on my trip in AZ, we ate pretty fresh homemade meals, or else got something light and fresh! We did a lot of walking, I finally got a decent bike lock, and we got to see Andrew Jackson Jihad (they played every song I called out for them to play...and they are hot as fuck: HDIFs). I also made a Hank Hill tee shirt, bleached part of my hair, and am currently going through a rather large Joy Division phase. Don't judge me for that, I don't judge you!

Love you guys,
BBG Shawna
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in it to win!